The ConBravo! Marketplace is home to hundreds of vendors, artists, and indies. Whether you’re looking for manga, the latest boardgames, custom tees, retro NES carts, that rare Amiibo, or incredible artwork, this is the market with everything!

We strive every year to ensure that our offerings are not only diverse, but also some of the best at any convention you’ll attend. We make sure to curate all of our applicants for both popular and emerging talent and products, giving the spotlight to new projects and shops with promise, as well as community fixtures and well-known outlets.

All exhibitors for the marketplace will be announced as soon as applications for each section have been vetted and approved. Vendor announcements will come first, then Artists and Indies.

If you’re looking to apply, please make sure to select your desired form at the side.

2017 Marketplace Exhibitor Regulations