Meowlory CosplayCosplay Guest

Meowlory Cosplay came into the cosplay community a little later than most. She started back in 2012 and has been hooked ever since. Having a background in fashion design and techniques she already had the skill set to create some pretty awesome costumes. She just needed the push and confidence to jump face first into the world of cosplay. Nowadays along with working for Hamilton’s leading womenswear boutique, Blackbird Studios, she is producing a large variety of cosplays from the ridiculously loveable Lumpy Space Princess, to the kick-ass superhero Rogue, and even the Khaleesi herself. Not only is she pretty spot-on accurate with most of her creations, spending hours researching and analyzing a character and finding the perfect supplies to create said character. She can also get quite creative with some of her cosplays. Like her BB-8 cosplay which she took a vintage pinup take on or her countless gender-bent male characters she relates too. As much as she loves accuracy and perfection its the creative process and individuality she gets the most passionate for.