Silver AugustSilver League Network

Silver August (otherwise known as Jem) is the founder of The Silver League, an anti-hack Pokemon Fan Community that was created back in the days of Pokémon Platinum after growing frustrated with the amount of hacking/cheating within the competitive side of the community. Since then, SL has grown tremendously and spawned its Youtube Channel, where Silver August helms as lead producer, best known for his Top 10s videos, Pixel Art In Review, Trading Thoughts, Anime Reviews and host of SL’s many Wifi Tournaments!

Silver also produces various animated shorts and skits, all in a pixel art style that have pretty much replaced the need for a face reveal. But when Silver’s not commentating, battling or animating, he’s also producing various Lets Plays!

But it’s not JUST Silver who makes the channel what it is, as many co-producers like Mirrorcard Neko & Diogo also provide their own content to SLN. Usually their own LPs, whether its core games, fan games, Kingdom Hearts or other RPGs. The SilverLeagueNetworks is a channel that strives to encourage creativity  & fun while providing plenty of variety for every type of Pokémon Fan and their possible other interests!