Steve SaylorYouTube Producer & Podcaster

Steve Saylor is a Toronto based podcaster, radio host, YouTube Gamer, Graphic Designer, College Professor all while being blind!  His entertaining YouTube series “Blind Gamer” fuses humour with his passion for playing video games while being very bad at it. He’s been described as “The Best Worst Gamer” and “YouTube Greatness, Sight Unseen.” He’s also “Wonderful” as described by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner!

He is also the Co-Founder of the Tabletop RPG podcast “Terrible Warriors” as well as the 10 years running podcast “This Week in Geek”.  When he is not working on his own Internet projects he works as a Digital Producer for Toronto radio stations boom 97.3 and 93-5 The Move producing the Web Series “Behind The Vinyl” with musical artists such as, Rush, STYX, Dee Snider, Barenaked Ladies, and more.