• Ali Mahou

    Cosplay Guest
    Ali Mahou is a Master level cosplayer and model from Hamilton Ontario, and representative for Canada's leading cosplay wig company, Arda Wigs Canada.
  • Bec’s Cosplay Wonderland

    Cosplay Guest
    Cosplayer. Shrek Enthusiast. Overwatch addict. With her base of operations in Downtown Toronto, Bec has dedicated most of her free time to the art of cosplay.
  • Calamity Cosplay

    Cosplay Guest
    Calamity likes to play dress-up and talk about it. An ICG Master level cosplayer, Calamity has competed in a wide variety of masquerades from smaller cons to the Canadian World Cosplay Summit Qualifiers.
  • Gothic Hamlet

    Cosplay Guest / Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay
     For over fifteen years Gothic Hamlet of Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay has created detail-heavy, craftsmanship oriented cosplay.
  • Heather Starsailor

    Cosplay Guest
    Heather Starsailor is a master-level cosplayer from Hamilton, ON. She entered the convention scene in 2008, and has since won numerous awards for costume making. She specializes in armour and prop making.
  • Meowlory Cosplay

    Cosplay Guest
    Armed with a background in fashion design and techniques, Meowlory works for Hamilton's leading womenswear boutique, Blackbird Studios, and produces a large variety of cosplays from the ridiculously loveable Lumpy Space Princess, to the kick-ass superhero Rogue, and even the Khaleesi herself.
  • Miss Messy Mia

    Cosplay Guest
    Miss Messy Mia is a cosplayer from Ottawa/Gatineau who has represented Canada on the world stage of cosplay at World Cosplay Summit in Japan.
  • Tenleid

    Cosplay Guest
    Tenleid is a Toronto-born seamstress who has been cosplaying for 6 years. Cosplaying everything from Red Lanterns‘ Bleez to Oshiete! Galko, she is known to be a Persona Perfectionist, Gundam Gal,  and Hentai Heroine.