• James Ronald

    James Ronald

    Musician / Epic Game Music
    A touring musician for over a decade, James is the proprietor of Epic Game Music, a channel dedicated to face-meltingly good re-imaginings of all your favourite video game music with concussive beats, driving bass lines and wailing guitar solos.
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  • Knave of Hearts

    Hosts / Cosplay Cafe
    A band of cheeky knaves who stole some tarts. We are humble hosts, witty waiters, beguiling butlers, sassy tea sommeliers, and skilled tart-tasters. Please join our marvellous mad tea party!
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  • Rock, Paper, Cynic

    Rock, Paper, Cynic is the geek webcomic and comedy music project of cartoonist Peter Chiykowski. His work won the Aurora Award for Best Graphic Novel and his comics and comedy hijinks as viral Twitter sensation @dadjokehansolo have appeared in places like Entertainment Weekly, MTV, The AV Club, Buzzfeed and Newsweek.
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