• AJ Shirrif

    Video Producer / Meme Mansion
    Co-host and editor of meme-tastic YouTube Gaming videos for Meme Mansion. Always making the best bad jokes, whether succeeding or failing to beat that last boss that just won’t let up. He strives to one day find the meme that will unite the world.
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  • Andrew Gregoire

    Webcomic Artist / ARG!
    : O06
    Andrew Gregoire is a Toronto based character animator and humourist, best known for his webcomic "ARG!".
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  • Anthony “AntDude” Cavallo

    Video Producer / AntDude
    AntDude is another one of those "YouTube reviewers" you hear about. He loves to entertain and inform fans, and he like Kirby far too much.
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  • Big Mike

    Game Master / Entertainer
    Big Mike is a Game Master. He’d like to be a local deity but this is much more legal. Known for the now infamous D20 Live RPG Show.
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  • Calluna

    Video Producer / Calluna Reviews
    Calluna is a YouTuber with a variety of video series, from reviewing to Let’s Plays and everything in between!
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  • Charles Dunbar

    Essayist & Blogger / Study of Anime
    Charles is an essayist and anthropologist specializing in Japanese cultural media. You can read his ideas at StudyOfAnime.com!
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  • Derek the Bard

    Video Producer / Chasing the Muse
    Derek the Bard is the producer of Chasing the Muse, a web series discussing film, books, and the wonderful weirdness of old cartoons.
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  • Doctor Terawatt

    : J03
    Toronto’s Greatest Super Villain and Evil Genius
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  • Dr. Terawatt

    Video Producer / Supervillain
    Known to many as Toronto's greatest villain and to some as a genius visionary, Dr. Terawatt is a gentleman who is, above all else, trying to take over the world.
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  • Erika Szabo

    YouTube Producer & Cosplayer
    Best known for her Top JRPG gaming lists and in-depth, emotive reviews, Erika is enthusiastic about exploring the nostalgic intricacies of classic and cult video games and anime.
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  • Leon Thomas

    Video Producer / Renegade Cut
    Leon Thomas hosts an educational web series called Renegade Cut. He tackles philosophical and political topics related to film. His video essays have been featured on popular websites such as One Perfect Shot, Film School Rejects, and The Playlist.
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  • Lovely Lor

    Video Producer / YouTube
    Lovely Lor is a YouTuber and recent transplant to Toronto from Los Angeles. She’s an active member of multiple International Lolita Fashion Communities and creates videos specializing in alternative fashions, positivity and adventure!
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  • Nash Bozard

    YouTube Producer & Podcaster
    Since 2000, Nash Bozard has run Radio Dead Air, a live webshow featuring music, comedy, and commentary about all things geek.
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  • Rantasmo

    YouTube Producer
    Rantasmo is a video blogger, writer and Important Homosexual. He is the host of Needs More Gay, a YouTube series about LGBTQ+ media, culture and representation.
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  • Silver August

    Silver League Network
    Silver August (otherwise known as Jem) is the founder of The Silver League, an anti-hack Pokemon Fan Community that was created back in the days of Pokémon Platinum.
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  • Steve Saylor

    YouTube Producer & Podcaster
    Steve Saylor is a Toronto based podcaster, radio host, YouTube Gamer, Graphic Designer, College Professor all while being blind!
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  • Sunder


    Online Video Creator
    Sunder is a long-time enthusiast of video game design and breaking down what makes the medium of games so powerful.
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  • The Dom

    Video Producer / Channel Awesome
    The Dom has been known to review many geeky things, primarily known for his main show Lost in Adaptation where he critiques the accuracy of films that were based on books and other literature.
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  • Tom “heisanevilgenius” White

    Video Producer & Evil Genius
    Tom does this thing called Weird Video Games where he talks about the world's weirdest games while laughing at his own jokes.
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