• Calluna

    Video Producer / Calluna Reviews
    Calluna is a YouTuber with a variety of video series, from reviewing to Let’s Plays and everything in between!
  • Derek the Bard

    Video Producer / Chasing the Muse
    Derek the Bard is the producer of Chasing the Muse, a web series discussing film, books, and the wonderful weirdness of old cartoons.
  • Leon Thomas

    Video Producer / Renegade Cut
    Leon Thomas hosts an educational web series called Renegade Cut. He tackles philosophical and political topics related to film. His video essays have been featured on popular websites such as One Perfect Shot, Film School Rejects, and The Playlist.
  • RelaxAlax

    Video Producer / RelaxAlax
    I'm a YouTuber who focuses on game design, mainly in Super Smash Brothers with my series Know Your Moves.
  • Sunder


    Online Video Creator
    Sunder is a long-time enthusiast of video game design and breaking down what makes the medium of games so powerful.