• Arkada


    Glass Reflection
    Arkada is a Canadian YouTuber known for reviewing Japanese animation with his series Glass Reflection, covering a wide variety of shows like Ghost in the Shell, Attack on Titan, and Shirobako.
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  • Doug Walker, The Nostalgia Critic

    Doug Walker

    The Nostalgia Critic
    Doug is best known for his character The Nostalgia Critic from ChannelAwesome.com, who reviews bad movies and TV shows connected to childhood. He's also noted for having a long standing "rivalry" with The Angry Video Game Nerd.
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  • Emile “Chuggaaconroy” Rosales

    Video Producer – The Runaway Guys
    Quite possibly the most passionate gamer around, Chuggaaconroy is known online for his in-depth and well edited Let’s Plays of various Nintendo games and series.
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  • James Ronald

    James Ronald

    Epic Game Music
    A touring musician for over a decade, James is the proprietor of Epic Game Music, a channel dedicated to face-meltingly good re-imaginings of all your favourite video game music with concussive beats, driving bass lines and wailing guitar solos.
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  • Jonathan “Proton Jon” Wheeler

    Video Producer – The Runaway Guys
    One day, Jon recorded a video of himself playing a video game and he yelled at a cartoon cactus to move faster in it. He's been paying for that decision ever since.
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  • Linkara


    Atop the 4th Wall
    Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug is known on the internet for reviewing bad comic books, doing retrospectives on Power Rangers!, and creating a movie that is mighty and awesome.
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  • MasaeAnela

    Creator & Producer – MasaeAnela
    MasaeAnela is part artist, part gamer, and 100% geek. Best known for her various Let's Play and Let's Draw videos on YouTube, Masae is an enthusiastic and creative soul at heart.
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  • Reese “Lucahjin” Dressler

    Taco Bell Spokeswoman
    As the unofficial spokeswoman of Taco Bell, Lucahjin will be coming to ConBravo to tell you all that you can get two quesadillas for $5.99 at your local Taco Bell! (Note: Deal may not actually exist.)
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  • Star Exorcist

    Star Exorcist

    Welcome Mats & Gameoverse
    Star is a Bahamian illustrator and concept designer. Known for being a bit of an art mercenary she has worked for the Game Grumps, Jessica Nigri, Super Best Friends Play and Arcadea.
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  • Sunder


    Online Video Creator
    Sunder is a long-time enthusiast of video game design and breaking down what makes the medium of games so powerful.
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  • Temmie Chang

    Temmie Chang

    Tem & Undertale
    Tem is an illustrator and animator who works on video games sometimes. She contributed heavily to the art of Undertale, the new hotness that's taken Steam and the internet by storm, and has been immortalized in the game as "Tem".
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  • Tim “NintendoCapriSun” Bishop

    Video Producer – The Runaway Guys
    One third of the Let's Play group "The Runaway Guys", Tim entertains his passionate fans with his LPs of modern and retro games while sharing his life experiences and using his signature style of humor.
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