The Masquerade comes with a few regulations. They’re simple rules and if everyone follows them, we’ll all get along a whole lot better. Breaking these rules can affect how the judges view your performance and can get you outright disqualified, so try to stick to ’em!
<h3>What You Need to Know</h3>
1. <strong>Time Limit</strong> – Each individual will be given a maximum of 2 minutes in which to perform. You do not have to use all 3 minutes, that is only the maximum. If you are a group and absolutely require more time, please contact the Masquerade director and they will see what can be done.

2. <strong>Workmanship Judging</strong> – If you would like to have your costume judges for its technical aspects (sewing ability, prop construction, etc), please indicate so on your registration form. The judges will call your number ahead of time in the green room. There are awards given for workmanship judging.

3. <strong>Special Effects &amp; Substances</strong> – No messy, sticky, or gross substances on stage (liquids, confetti, goo, jello, snow, bubbles, etc). Keep it clean!

4. <strong>Language &amp; Dress</strong> – Just because Pikachu wanders around naked doesn’t mean you can! No nudity or inappropriate material or references. Keep it PG-13 kiddies!

5. <strong>Weapons &amp; Props</strong> – Follow the weapons policies of the convention! That being said, also don’t do anything ridiculously dangerous on stage. This includes sword fighting, shooting any projectiles at the audience, no firearms, no fire (or anything related to fire), rough housing, throwing anything into the audience, throwing around massive props, etc.

6. <strong>Costume Sources</strong> – No purchased or rented costumes in competition. If your costume has been purchased or rented, it may only be presented as out-of-competition.

7. <strong>Filthy, Filthy Animals</strong> – No live animals on stage! This only applies to real animals. Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Ranchers and the like are <em>encouraged</em>.