Panel Info

Panels are where you can sit down and listen to talks from guest speakers, professional and semi-pro members of the community, and participate in fandom discussions. Whether it’s about your favourite series on YouTube, an anime you love, or a hobby like model building and wargaming, there’s a panel for you!

Panels run all weekend long, from Friday through Sunday, and can be found at both the Hamilton Convention Centre and the Sheraton Hotel. Your programme guide or the mobile app will have full Panel information for you closer to the show, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as programming comes together.

Attending Panels

If you’d like to attend a Panel, it’s pretty simple: Have a badge and line up.

Panels are open to any member of the convention (ie: a badge holder), and we typically try to make them accessible to everyone. Bring friends, get comfy, and enjoy the show!

We typically allow for lineups 45 minutes prior to the Panel’s start. We ask that all cellphones and other devices be put on Airplane or Silent mode during the talk, unless the panel is listed as “Social Friendly”. In that case, there may be a component that uses a mobile service, such as Twitter. Keep an eye out for that in the programme guide.

Become a Panelist

If you’d like to run or participate in a Panel, you’ll want to pre-register early and then apply as a panelist using the form below. You may register as an individual or a group, and then use the Submit a Panel form to apply for your actual panels.

Submit a Panel

If you have a panel that you want to submit as an idea (or a friend/colleague’s panel you’d like to join), please use the form below. This is DIFFERENT from registering as a Panelist which is the form above.

Suggested Panels

These are topics that we feel are important or relevant to the convention and that attendees would like to see. You do not have to obey the list, by any means. They’re suggestions not requirements and Panels should be about what you want to talk about.